Total Drama's Big Brother 1 premiered on May 10, 2013 on TheTDIrocks23's Youtube Channel. It was the first season in the Total Drama's Big Brother series. 14 HouseGuests, all Total Drama characters competed this season. The season lasted for a total of 44 days. The HouseGuests competed for the winner title and as well as a spot on the next season. 


HouseGuest Username
Brick TheJamieVDW
Dakota Mistervictoriy
Dawn naniboi1
DJ nnaley8648
Duncan tammy rexode
Gwen woohdeedie
Heather Andy Nguyen/andynguyen584
Justin TDINextModelingStar
Leshawna Alexander Sweet
Lindsay Terrence Washington/1888terrence
Mike Chapman Sweet
Sierra CiaralovessierraTDI
Trent Connor Spalding
Tyler tdwtfan10


On Day 1, the 14 HouseGuests entered the house to compete in a power struggle. That day, the HouseGuests competed in the "Big Brother Memory" competition, in which the HouseGuests had to name all the winners of the U.S. version of Big Brother, Lindsay then became the first Head of Household. That same day, Lindsay nominated Leshawna and Mike for eviction. On Day 2, Head of Household: Lindsay, her nominees: Leshawna and Mike and three HouseGuests chosen at random: Brick, Duncan and Gwen competed in the "4 Pics 1 Word" Power of Veto competition. Brick went on to win the Power of Veto. That same day, Brick chose to not use the first Power of Veto, upon hearing this Leshawna decided to walk from the game, thus the nominations were voided. On Day 4, the 12 HouseGuests eligible for HoH competed in the "Household True or False" competition, in which Justin won and became the new Head of Household. That same day, he decided to nominate Gwen and Tyler for eviction, he did not trust Gwen and believed Tyler was already a "floater". When picking players for the Power of Veto competition, Dawn, Duncan and Heather were selected to compete. On Day 8, the Veto competitiors competed in the "How Bad Do You Want it?" Power of Veto competition. Heather won the Power of Veto competition and as a result was not eligible to compete in the next five HoH competitions and the next two Power of Veto competitions. That day, Heather decided to use the Power of Veto to save Tyler. Justin then decided to nominate Brick as his replacement nominee. On Day 13, it was revealed that due to Dakota, Duncan and Sierra not participating, they were automatically evicted, that same day, it was revealed that there were 3 votes to evict Brick and 3 votes to evict Gwen, Justin then broke the tiebreaker and voted to evict Gwen. On Day 17, HouseGuests competed in the "Majority Rules" HOH competition, in which DJ won and became the new Head of Household. Later that day, DJ nominated Heather and Tyler for eviction as he believed they were working together after Heather using the Veto to save him. Before the Veto competition, Brick, Dawn and Mike were chosen to play for the Veto, since Heather could not compete in the Veto, only five people competed in the "Probability" Power of Veto competition, in which DJ won. That same day, DJ chose not to use the Veto, Trent did not vote to evict, but Tyler was evicted by a vote of 3-2 and he became the first member of the Jury of 7. 

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