TDBB 5 All-Stars - Episode 1 - Beginning Twist

TDBB 5 All-Stars - Episode 1 - Beginning Twist

The premiere episode of Total Drama's Big Brother 5: All-Stars

Total Drama's Big Brother 5: All-Stars is the fifth season of Total Drama's Big Brother. This season featured sixteen returning HouseGuests "All-Stars". 


All-Star    Username Season Ranking
Aaryn Gries eeveecutie321 Season 4 - Runner-Up
Alex Coladonato SurvivorFan18 Season 2 - 5th place
Brick TheJamieVDW Season 1 - 6th place
Britney Haynes 0hazzar0

Season 2 - Winner  

Season 3 - 14th place

Courtney TDINextModelingStar Season 2 - 7th place
Dan Gheesling TheMavericksrule1 Season 3 - 6th place
Daniele Donato TotalDramaLover1234 Season 2 - Runner-Up
Dawn naniboi1 Season 1 - 5th place
DJ nnaley8648 Season 1 - Runner-Up
Geoff kells121501 Season 2 - 4th place
Heather AndyNguyen584 Season 1 - 3rd place
Howie Gordon HOAfanatic Season 3 - 7th place
Kara Monaco RalphMadeMe Season 4 - 5th place
Laura Crosby-Stein aliffyfan1 Season 4 - Winner
Lindsay 1888terrence

Season 1 - Winner

Season 2 - 3rd place

Nick Uhas TotalDramaHighSpeed

Season 3 - Winner

Season 4 - 3rd place


On Day 1, the 16 All-Stars moved into the Big Brother house. They were shortly notified that the first week of the game would not be the regular weeks they were all used to. It was announced that they will compete for the first Head of Household, but the person who wins the first HoH will not have the regular HoH duties. All of the All-Stars who are the same gender as the HoH will be safe from being nominated. While, the other gender will compete in a special competition, the two to finish last in the competition will be the official nominees and one of those two would be the first All-Star evicted. For the first HoH competition, the All-Stars competed in multiple speed rounds, Daniele ended up winning and became the first Head of Household of the season, this also revealed that all of the females were safe, while the males would compete in the special competition and one of the males would be the first evicted. On Day 2, the males competed in the special competition, the males had to give their prediction of eviction order, the last two to finish would be the two nominees, Alex & Nick ended up being the last two and were the official nominees for eviction. The All-Stars were unsure who to vote out first, a threat or an inactive player. On Day 5, Alex became the first All-Star to be evicted by a vote of 9-4. On Day 11, the HouseGuests competed in the "Majority Rules" Head of Household competition, Dawn was the winner and became the new HoH. She decided to nominate Brick and Heather for eviction. On Day 14, Brick won the first Power of Veto and chose to use it remove himself from the block and Dawn chose Howie to be the replacement nominee, claiming him as a threat. On Day 18, the vote was tied with 6 votes to evict Heather and 6 votes to evict Howie, Dawn had to break the tie and chose to evict Heather. On Day 24, the HouseGuests competed in the "Path to the Finish Line" Head of Household competition, Kara was the winner and became the new HoH. She decided to nominate Aaryn and Nick, who both targeted her in their season. On Day 27, the HouseGuests competed in the "Add 'Em Up" Power of Veto competition, Laura was the winner and chose not to use the Power of Veto. On Day 28, the HouseGuests voted to evict Aaryn by a vote of 9-4. 

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